Thursday, December 31, 2009


I am starting a new project this year - 365 WOODSTOCK. I will be participating in Project 365 where you take a photo every day for a year and post to a blog. This will not only help record a whole year but hopefully I will learn a lot about my camera and the settings. Here are a few snapshots I have taken around our city of Woodstock this past year. Stay tuned for the link to the new project. CHECK OUT 365 WOODSTOCK HERE.

The photo below was taken at our local Memorial Day celebration. I couldn't resist these two cute kids saluting the flag.

Below are some paintings by my daughter sitting on the porch of the oldest house in Woodstock. Before the economy made a downturn, this old house was to be turned into a Starbucks. Today it still sits, empty. I hated the thought of this historic house turned into such a commercial project. Guess there is a silver lining....

This is a shot of the old Parr home. It used to sit on about 80 acres of rolling green hills with a lake, huge red barn and several horse pastures. The land was sold to a condo developer. The home was bulldozed, lake filled in and fences destroyed. The developer went out of business and today the land sits. I like to remember it this way........

A sidewalk chalk competition in downtown Woodstock.

During the election in '08, I passed by this sign on my way to work. I snapped a photo of the sticker before the police saw it. I think we need to put it back up!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Billboard controversy in Towne Lake

We have been hearing a lot of commotion lately about a sign that has been erected in Towne Lake. We live in Towne Lake and have not been very political and usually just roll our eyes when we hear about things like this. We thought "What's the big deal?" and "Stop acting like you're an elitist". There have been letters to the local newspaper editor and blurbs in the "Soapbox" vent column. They are comical to read. So, we thought we would drive by the "sign" the other night to see what the big deal is about. OMG, you should see this sign!!! It looks like the Griswalds just lit their house! A business has erected a jimongus interstate size, truck stop size billboard in the middle of this little town. I mean it's huge and glowing. What people don't know is that Judge Jackson Harris, Cherokee County Superior Court, overruled the city of Woodstock on a technicality and allowed this sign to be erected. It really is hideous! The photo below doesn't even do it justice! What the people of Cherokee County don't realize is that this sign company (Southern Media) has SIX other signs the same size going up also! So, watch out. It may be in YOUR neighborhood next time! Read the article in the Ledger here.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


I just finished another Christmas present. This pillow is for my brother and is made out of old shirts and a sweater that belonged to my Dad. Dad always wore plaid flannel shirts in the winter and he always had on this beautiful argyle sweater. I decided to leave on the beautiful buttons and use that opening to stuff it with the pillow form. I always have a hard time figuring out what to buy for my brother. I think he will like remembering Dad with this pillow. I got the idea from Betz White's website.

And check out the back............I included the shirt pocket because my Dad always insisted on having a pocket for his glasses.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It's one of our family traditions to visit this house every Christmas. Santa starts decorating his house every October with lights, trees, plywood cutouts, moving objects, a sleigh and a moving train. He also has 13 decorated trees inside his home. I know this because this wonderful man is Santa during the Christmas season, and my mother's lawn man during the year. He has such a big heart and loves Christmas and bringing joy to all the neighbors in the surrounding areas. If it is a nice, clear night you can bet there will be a long line of cars waiting to find a parking spot to get a glimpse of Santa's house and lights. His wife personally made and painted all of the cutouts. He usually adds a few new features every year. Enjoy!

...and finally a glimpse of ole Santa himself.........

Friday, December 18, 2009


by the chimney with care.........

Ben "made" this ornament in school when he was 1 1/2 years old. You know the ornament where they use corrugated cardboard wings, doilies, pipe cleaner halo and then glue on a polaroid head shot to make an angel. We all laugh every year because he was just so darn cute!

This vintage mirror belonged to my grandmother in Mississippi. It hung over her fireplace in her living room for as long as I remember. Now I use it in mine. It is SO heavy that we lean it on the mantle. I think she would like to know that I love using it!

And here is our LIFE ON THE FRIG. Every holiday and birthday I gather photos of that special event and attach them to the frig. That seems to be the one spot everyone spends the most time! The kids get a kick out of it and when their friends visit they make fun. And yes there are some "vintage" shots of me with my National Velvet doll and my brother and me playing in the snow. It's nice to remember days and people gone by. Nice Memories!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My mom and I drove down to Atlantic Station to do a little shopping and take in the sights today. First off is the huge tree on the green with at least 1 million ornaments. I took all of the photos with my phone but I think you get the idea...........

This is an Upside Down Tree in Z Gallerie. I love that place! I'm hoping Santa will just bring me one of everything in that store. Here is a close up of the tree with it's turquoise, silver and winter white.

A little better view of the Upside Down Tree. Love the brown and white pillows in the background.

Loved this jingley chandelier in West Elm. I'm thinking it would be perfect in my 2 story breakfast room. Who cares if it gives off enough light when it looks this good!

Pretty brown and white embroidered pillows at Z Gallerie.

A very subdued but elegant pillow with shimmery glass and pearl beads at West Elm.

Loved this black candelabra at Z Gallerie.

These cut glass coasters were so shimmery and perfect if you want a little bling on the table. (about $9)

New cut crystal table and floor lamps at Z Gallerie.

Loved this blingy mirror at Z Gallerie. I'm thinking downstairs powder room!

Very organic shimmery tree branch votive holder at Z Gallerie........just in case you were looking for one.

And I couldn't pass up this cute little Snow Owl.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

THE TREE IS UP..............

Our tree is finally up and the decorations are in place. My little glitter deer is peeking out around the vintage ornaments.

The pieces in my Nativity set are the ones I've had since I was a little girl. A few years ago my mom gave me the original cardboard faux wood creche. This year I decided to use my glass cake holder as a creche and display it on the mantle. Joseph has a 29 cent Woolworth sticker on the bottom. They are priceless to me!

Each year I buy an ornament for my children that reminds me of them or something that happened to them during the year. When my daughter was 11 she LOVED to paint her fingernails. I mean everyday! This ornament reminded me of her that year.

When my oldest son was a toddler, he LOVED Bert and Ernie. He slept with a little Ernie doll for years. I found this set of crocheted dolls at a local church craft fair. An elderly lady who was almost blind crocheted them. They always remind me of my sweet baby boy!

My youngest son wrestled in high school. His nickname was The Hulk. He was very dedicated and worked very hard at wrestling. Luckily he never turned green!

And this vintage felt and sequin Soldier was made by my dear friend Patti. She embroidered the date "1978" on the back and gave it to me the first Christmas I was married. They are still my favorites and I think of her each year when I pull them out and hang them on the tree.

And when all of the ornaments are in place, then it is time for my husband to place the Angel on top of the tree. She is a very special angel from Nuremberg, Germany and was sent to us probably 25 years ago by my brother-in-law stationed at an Air Force base in Germany.
I hope you all have a very Blessed Christmas and enjoy your time with special friends and family!


Isn't this a cute, simple and cheap idea to use sidewalk chalk to paint a Christmas Tree on a brick wall? Photo by Ansley Smith Denihan of her children and their very clever idea!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Just finished another Christmas present! This is Amy Butler's Snow Mum Pillow, a free pattern you can find here. I made mine out of ivory felt with a 16" pillow form. I tried to find wool felt but no luck. Here is a link where you can buy "Eco Felt" which is made out of recycled water bottles. I put a zipper in the back and may add a button or bead to the center. I haven't decided yet. I think this pattern would be a great sunflower also. Below is the first step of adding leaves around the outside perimeter.

You keep adding rows of petals and stitch the end in a circular pattern. One thing I found out the hard way.........don't try to iron singes. I am so used to ironing after each step and wanted my flower to lay down neatly. When I started ironing the flower it started shrinking. Ugh! I had to replace about 8 petals, but no one would know............

And here is the finished pillow. Now I want one for myself.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


While looking through my jewelry box and trying to find something to wear today, I found my "vintage" MOOD RING from the 60's. Yes, the original one!!! Oh I loved it so, it's many colors changing throughout the day. It changes from brown to green to turquoise to cobalt blue. I guess I was a freshman or so in high school when I received it for Christmas. Everyone had one back then and it was so much fun guessing each other's mood. Now I know why I was never a hand model..........but I thought you'd like to see my VINTAGE MOOD RING. Brings back memories! Did you have one too?