Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It's one of our family traditions to visit this house every Christmas. Santa starts decorating his house every October with lights, trees, plywood cutouts, moving objects, a sleigh and a moving train. He also has 13 decorated trees inside his home. I know this because this wonderful man is Santa during the Christmas season, and my mother's lawn man during the year. He has such a big heart and loves Christmas and bringing joy to all the neighbors in the surrounding areas. If it is a nice, clear night you can bet there will be a long line of cars waiting to find a parking spot to get a glimpse of Santa's house and lights. His wife personally made and painted all of the cutouts. He usually adds a few new features every year. Enjoy!

...and finally a glimpse of ole Santa himself.........

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Becky said...

No words for that. Just Oh My.

Wish Bill would let me go nuts but not quite that far!