Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Billboard controversy in Towne Lake

We have been hearing a lot of commotion lately about a sign that has been erected in Towne Lake. We live in Towne Lake and have not been very political and usually just roll our eyes when we hear about things like this. We thought "What's the big deal?" and "Stop acting like you're an elitist". There have been letters to the local newspaper editor and blurbs in the "Soapbox" vent column. They are comical to read. So, we thought we would drive by the "sign" the other night to see what the big deal is about. OMG, you should see this sign!!! It looks like the Griswalds just lit their house! A business has erected a jimongus interstate size, truck stop size billboard in the middle of this little town. I mean it's huge and glowing. What people don't know is that Judge Jackson Harris, Cherokee County Superior Court, overruled the city of Woodstock on a technicality and allowed this sign to be erected. It really is hideous! The photo below doesn't even do it justice! What the people of Cherokee County don't realize is that this sign company (Southern Media) has SIX other signs the same size going up also! So, watch out. It may be in YOUR neighborhood next time! Read the article in the Ledger here.


Becky said...

What on earth is it advertising?

Kathi Fly said...

Nothing, yet. It is completely blank and very white and glowing. The business owner who erected it is getting a lot of flack and people say they will boycott the businesses that advertise there. SIGNS of the times, I guess!

Becky said...

Just plain white?!? That's just plum weird.