Thursday, December 31, 2009


I am starting a new project this year - 365 WOODSTOCK. I will be participating in Project 365 where you take a photo every day for a year and post to a blog. This will not only help record a whole year but hopefully I will learn a lot about my camera and the settings. Here are a few snapshots I have taken around our city of Woodstock this past year. Stay tuned for the link to the new project. CHECK OUT 365 WOODSTOCK HERE.

The photo below was taken at our local Memorial Day celebration. I couldn't resist these two cute kids saluting the flag.

Below are some paintings by my daughter sitting on the porch of the oldest house in Woodstock. Before the economy made a downturn, this old house was to be turned into a Starbucks. Today it still sits, empty. I hated the thought of this historic house turned into such a commercial project. Guess there is a silver lining....

This is a shot of the old Parr home. It used to sit on about 80 acres of rolling green hills with a lake, huge red barn and several horse pastures. The land was sold to a condo developer. The home was bulldozed, lake filled in and fences destroyed. The developer went out of business and today the land sits. I like to remember it this way........

A sidewalk chalk competition in downtown Woodstock.

During the election in '08, I passed by this sign on my way to work. I snapped a photo of the sticker before the police saw it. I think we need to put it back up!!!

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