Sunday, December 13, 2009

THE TREE IS UP..............

Our tree is finally up and the decorations are in place. My little glitter deer is peeking out around the vintage ornaments.

The pieces in my Nativity set are the ones I've had since I was a little girl. A few years ago my mom gave me the original cardboard faux wood creche. This year I decided to use my glass cake holder as a creche and display it on the mantle. Joseph has a 29 cent Woolworth sticker on the bottom. They are priceless to me!

Each year I buy an ornament for my children that reminds me of them or something that happened to them during the year. When my daughter was 11 she LOVED to paint her fingernails. I mean everyday! This ornament reminded me of her that year.

When my oldest son was a toddler, he LOVED Bert and Ernie. He slept with a little Ernie doll for years. I found this set of crocheted dolls at a local church craft fair. An elderly lady who was almost blind crocheted them. They always remind me of my sweet baby boy!

My youngest son wrestled in high school. His nickname was The Hulk. He was very dedicated and worked very hard at wrestling. Luckily he never turned green!

And this vintage felt and sequin Soldier was made by my dear friend Patti. She embroidered the date "1978" on the back and gave it to me the first Christmas I was married. They are still my favorites and I think of her each year when I pull them out and hang them on the tree.

And when all of the ornaments are in place, then it is time for my husband to place the Angel on top of the tree. She is a very special angel from Nuremberg, Germany and was sent to us probably 25 years ago by my brother-in-law stationed at an Air Force base in Germany.
I hope you all have a very Blessed Christmas and enjoy your time with special friends and family!


Lisa said...

Kathi, thank you for your encouraging email! Merry Christmas

Becky said...

Pretty stuff Kathi! Did your deer come glitterized or did you do it? I'm tempted to play with some gliiter this year.

I have ornaments like that too. The ones with sentimental value.

Kathi Fly said...

Thanks! Actually the little deer came that way. He's from Home Goods. There was a hot pink one too, wish I had bought her also!

Becky said...

Must go shopping!