Saturday, October 2, 2010


It's been a long time since we've gotten up early on a Saturday morning to go and watch a soccer game. All three of our children played soccer and somedays we watched three or four games. Socks, check. Shin guards, check. Cleats, check. Snacks, check. Three kids, check. Well, our kids are gone but now we have our little great niece, Tai, to watch. Her team, the Cosmos, were playing this morning. She is four and still playing Knee Kicking soccer. It was so much fun to watch and brought back such fun memories..................

Love her Princess Leah hairbuns!

Running with the crowd of little knee-kickers. Most of the time they were all huddled together and you couldn't tell where the ball was or who was kicking it.

Half time pep talk.

Um, I don't really know who won the game but that doesn't matter. It's the high five after the game!

.............and mostly the Capri Sun and snack that matters the most!

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