Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ROAD TRIP to Greensboro and Nashville

This past weekend we had the opportunity to visit my husband's brother and his family in Greensboro, NC. Driving north on I-85 I know when we pass the GAFFNEY PEACH we are half way there! I LOVE the Peach water tower. And, since my husband refused to stop for me to take a photo, I had to take one through the front window, but you get the idea........

My nephew is playing football this year and we witnessed his team defeating their opponents for the first time in the history of their school. It was great friday night high school football. Nothing like it! (ummm, except for soccer, maybe, which I actually understand better than football)

It happened to be "Pink Out" at the football game honoring Breast Cancer survivors. These guys loved posing for me. They were all decked out in their pink make up and tutus. They are referred to as the "Pit Crew". They had a lot to cheer about Friday night when their them, Bishop McGuinness Catholic high school beat a team they had never beat before. Go Villains! (funny mascot for a Catholic school)

The next day we were able to see my niece's volleyball tournament. It was very exciting and down to the wire. Here she is setting up the shot...........

..........and with one of her teammates. (Maddy is on the left)

A traditional black college in Greensboro was having their homecoming the weekend we were there. One band was advertised in the window of this it was a good show............sorry we missed the YO MAMA BIG FAT BOOTY BAND!

Friday we toured Greensboro and ate lunch at Fishbones (below) near the UNC Greensboro campus where Gary teaches a class.
Fishbones menu......

There's a great little grocery, BESTWAY, near campus that sells homemade ice cream. Who wouldn't like "Cake Batter" ice cream?

And they've become the go to place for specialty beers.

My niece and nephew went to this elementary school.......they called it Hogwarts.

Greensboro has a great little 1-A baseball team called the Greensboro Grasshoppers. This statue is outside their stadium.

This Woolworth's in downtown Greensboro is the famous civil rights site where three blacks were refused service. It is now a museum.

Gary took us by the Yum-Yum ice cream parlor on the UNC Greensboro campus. They serve those RED hot dogs and the best ice cream. I remember when we lived in Greenville, our neighbors would make a special trip to Greensboro just to pick up some of those RED hot dogs.

This statue of Mary is located inside my brother and sister in law's new church, St. Pius X.

The Greensboro Flys..........

The Woodstock Flys..............

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