Friday, October 1, 2010


It feels so good to finally get some color back up on the walls. We repainted the interior of our house a very neutral shade of gray which is a perfect backdrop for my gallery wall. Everywhere I look from magazines to websites to TV shows, I see tons of paintings hanging on one wall, collections of black and white photos, vintages prints, or a combination of styles and colors. So I decided to gather some of my paintings to hang in our family room. Actually, with our new bookcases going to the ceiling and the paintings hung the entire length of the wall it makes the room look bigger. I love all of the color and it gives it a cozy feel. We started from the left side and just started hanging, trying to mix up the size, color and medium. Most of my paintings are soft pastel, the Koi painting is watercolor and the shell is an ink print. The small pastel of the woman is by Margaret Dyer and the clouds next to it is by Deborah Secor, two of my favorite pastel painters. Little by little I'm trying to update our 15 year old house. Enjoy!

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Becky said...

It looks marvelous! I really like the gray backdrop.

BillHubby and I got married 4 years ago and bought this house. Combining our "art" was easy since we both collect movie posters, sports stuff and music posters. I'll have to take pics and blog our different art walls. Mixed art walls are my fave!

We have a wall with mostly Boston Terrier art, a North Carolina wall with a painting by my Great Grandfather, photos by Bill and post cards from both our home towns and the kitchen wall is crazy with prints and plates and implements!