Thursday, October 14, 2010


Even if it's just for one day............I LOVE Halloween! I always made my children's costumes and took them to haunted houses and pumpkin farms. We would decorate our house with spiders and stuffed pumpkin headed scarecrows in the front yard. We would carve jack-o-lanterns and roast pumpkin seeds. There can't be too many spider webs for me! I wanted to share a few of the decorations in my house this year. Above, is a quilt of Frankenstein I made when we lived in Denver in 1995. Below, I wanted to get a little "A HEAD" of the planning this year with this styrofoam head wrapped in starched cheesecloth. Place mats are from World Market.

Cheesecloth and spiders on my kitchen chandelier. Now maybe the real spider webs and spiders will blend in.

I painted a broken limb with black spray paint and added spider webs and spiders to the Wicked Witch of the East's (or West, I can't remember) shoe.

I found this little paper mache guy in Auburn while visiting my daughter a few years ago.

I bought this paper mache devil in Auburn too.

I bought the black cat because he reminds me of my daughter's cat, Boondock who has the brightest orange eyes you've ever seen! In fact, I've never seen anything with orange eyes before!

And I've had this gourd pumpkin for a long time and still love him especially when the light is turned on and his eyes glow.

I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!

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