Friday, October 15, 2010


Traveling west from Greensboro, we drove to Nashville to visit with our daughter. It was SO good to see her and where she lives and works.

We also had a chance to visit our old house in Brentwood where we lived form 1989-1994. I was SO glad to see that it hasn't changed too much. When I think of Brentwood, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful scenery like the horse farms in the middle of town. I was glad to see the Moore Farm is still at the main corner of Franklin Rd and Concord Rd.

And this is our old house on Holly Road in Brenthaven. The YMCA is still at the corner of the subdivision and the houses have not changed much at all! Ours looks pretty much the same except for a fresh coat of paint on the front door. We had a great yard where we spent many nights watching comet showers.

We dropped in to see my dear friend Paula. Their children are the same ages as mine and were very close growing up. It was fun catching up and touring around Brentwood.

I was glad to see my favorite bar b q place, Corky's, was still there. Love their cole slaw on the bar b q sandwiches and onion rings cooked in bricks.

Later we drove downtown Nashville to see what had changed. It's 5 o'clock somewhere!

Here's a photo of downtown Nashville I took from the car. (No, I wasn't driving) I remember when they were building the AT&T building. We called it the Batman Building.

We decided to walk around a little. Had to go by the Ryman.

.........and down to Broadway, Music City style.

One of my daughter's classmates was the granddaughter of Ernest Tubb. After a while you got used to seeing and meeting country music stars in Nashville. My daughter's softball coach was one of the Gatlin brothers. He taught her how to bat left-handed. We'd run into Amy Grant at the McDonald's with her kids, and Roxanne Cash at the Krogers.

There are usually a few guitar players on every corner trying to catch their big break.

..........another siting........

This is Titan's Stadium, which had not been built when we lived in Nashville. It was built next to the Cumberland River which runs through the downtown area and is the one that flooded the city several months ago. I had forgotten that TN doesn't have an income tax. But, their sales tax is 10%, so think twice before buying something there. Go visit, it's a great place to take a vacation and sightsee. We didn't make it down to Franklin this time but it is worth a trip, especially if you're into Civil War history. Enjoy!

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