Saturday, March 2, 2013

REALLY BIG Paper Flowers


I remember seeing some really big flowers a few years ago on a blog called House of Lars where they made huge beautiful flowers out of colored pastel paper.  These are my "budget wise" big flowers using colored butcher paper.  I made the stems out of wrapping paper rolls and used tons of hot glue.

I found some sand pails at The Dollar Store and plan to put one flower in each pail and display them on top of bookcases in the Children's area in the library.

I also remember seeing a tutorial for a rose wreath made out of old book pages.  I think it was from the Lettered Cottage.  You cut the paper into a square, round off the edges and then cut it into a spiral and  curl up the edges into a cone shape.  I just made mine on a much larger scale.

This is how the red flower started out.  I cut 8 petals, folded them into an accordion fan like pattern and then hot glued the petals together.

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