Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Ready to go to the library...............

Here you can see how large the daffodil is on my kitchen counter.  I anchored it with a rubberband between the cabinets so it would dry perpendicular when I added the plaster of paris to the can.

Here are the two poppies (I use that term loosely).  I decided to use a larger can for their base to make sure that they did not tip over.  We don't want anything falling onto the patrons in the library.

I mixed the plaster in the can, set the "stem" in the can and held the flower straight.  The plaster dries in about 30 minutes.  I anchored it with a rubber band to hold it in place for that time.

You can see how I attached the back of the flower to the cardboard wrapping roll.  I used a piece of foam core board and hot glued it.

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