Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I am starting a LEGO CLUB at our library, the Woodstock Public Library in Woodstock, Georgia January 15th.  We will meet the third Sunday of each month.  I have researched the idea and found that hundreds of libraries across the country have also started a LEGO CLUB.  You might ask what do LEGOS have to do with reading and why are there toys in the library?  We are trying to attract those children who have outgrown Story Time at the library.  Playing with LEGOS offers something imaginative, creative, physical and mechanical.  Promoting play in the library also contributes to early literacy development and increases attention span, creativity, logical mathematical thinking and problem solving.  Below is a display we set up in the children's area.  Within the first few minutes we had children gathering around the display.

My children loved LEGOS and since I used to work for LEGO, we had a rather large collection in our downstairs "LEGO CLOSET".  I know how much my children loved LEGOS and spent hundreds of hours building their masterpieces.  Most of these have gone into our library collection.  I know many more children will benefit from playing with these LEGOS too!

This is a photo from the Waldinger Library at one of their LEGO CLUB meetings.  I hope to post some photos of our first meeting on January 15th with many children playing with LEGOS in our library!

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Becky said...

Seriously? You worked for Lego!?!! What lucky kids you have!

I love your idea. I'd send our legos but the 24 year old would protest loudly! She still builds every now and again ;)