Friday, December 23, 2011


One of my mother's friends
allows us to tour her
home every year to enjoy
her decorations........

Every square inch is decorated.  There is at least one tree in every room and even the banister is transformed into a Wonderland.

The dining room tree is completely white this year.  She does change them around every year.

Some of the decorations on her kitchen countertop.

My great niece came with us and could not believe her eyes when she walked into Mrs. Goodheart's house and saw all of the decorations!

I love the snow village in the den with all of the houses and accessories.  I have one of the original Snow Village houses.

Her kitchen decorated...


This tree has ornaments on it that belonged to Mrs. Goodheart's mother and grandmother!

Notice the tea service matches the picture on the front of the book!

The master bedroom tree.

My great niece couldn't believe all of the houses in the basement.

And here we are in the foyer.....

This is the Christopher Radko tree filled completely with CR ornaments from top to bottom!  It was absolutely stunning!!  Mrs. Goodheart (that's her real name) loves for people to come by and visit her home during the holidays.  It just puts me in the Christmas spirit when I see her house and I'm so grateful that she allows us to visit and take photographs in her lovely home!  Enjoy and have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

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