Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Every year I mean to make Gingerbread Houses.  This year I bought a kit from JoAnn's and invited my great niece to help us decorate our Gingerbread House.

The masterpiece............

Luckily I read the instructions the night before.  I found out that you have to make the frosting and put the house pieces together 3 hours before you want to decorate it.  I did not read all of the frosting instructions..........or I would have put the piping cone INTO the frosting bag instead of sitting on the counter!

I piped the frosting onto the edges of the pieces and held them together with heavy cans until the frosting was set.

Tai is five this year and had so much fun decorating the Gingerbread house.  I squirted the frosting onto the roof and let her decorate one side at a time.

My daughter, Kelly, helping "glue" a peppermint onto a window.

And my son, Ben, made snowmen for decorations.

Tai adding peppermint around the front door.

I think this will become a family tradition.  I'll buy many gingerbread kits next year!  I think everyone wished they had their own to decorate.

Next, we decorated Christmas beaded necklaces.  My husband had drilled little holes through these erasers that I found at Dollar Tree.

Add string, fun beads and presto........

fun stringing......

beautiful necklaces for Grandmother and her Great Granddaughter!

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