Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Art

On Valentine's Day a patron at our library brought all of us a rose. It was so touching especially because I know she doesn't have a lot of extra money raising two children by herself and also having health issues this year. I think it is a PEACE rose and I put it on my desk in my studio. I just had to start painting it and turned the painting into a "Thank You" card for her. I hope she likes it.

I decided I wanted to make some stamps of local landmarks around our little town of Woodstock. I decided to start with Woodstock City Park. I first sketched a pencil drawing of the gazebo and then placed it face down on the stamping material. I rubbed it several times with a bone folder. You can see how well it transfers.

Here is the finished "Woodstock Gabzebo" stamp.

This is the clock that stands near the gazebo in downtown Woodstock city park.

If you decided to try making your own stamps, be very careful. It is really easy to cut yourself!


Megan said...

Oh this rose painting is just gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Love these stamps. And I especially love them stamped on that graph paper!