Sunday, February 20, 2011


Today I started a new Artist Journal to keep track of my art projects and journal about them. I wanted to print out the stamps using the different stamp pad colors so I have a reference point. If you look closely at the background of the pages, you can see the original print page bleeding through. I bought some discarded books at the library and glued (using a glue stick) three pages together. Then I painted over the top with white gesso. A great way to recycle and reuse these old books. Some of my friends asked me how I choose which books to buy. I usually go for size.........these were almost square and the pages were sturdy.


k. fly said...

Mom I have also started an altered book recently but that pages get really crinkled up... how did you get yours so straight? I love the rainbow buildings... yet another project I will put on my list to do when I get home.... get ready for a week of art with me :)

Kathi Fly said...

Kelly, I first glued the three pages together with a glue stick and pressed with a brayer. Then painted a coat of gesso.