Thursday, January 6, 2011


Our library is participating in the BIG READ this year. We have chosen OUR TOWN and THE BRIDGE OF SAN LUIS REY. We are setting up displays for both and I am working on the background for OUR TOWN.

I first sketched the "town" in pencil, then added a colored pencil. That wasn't quite dark enough so I added a dark pastel and blended it a little with a paper towel.

The Woodstock Library

I wanted to show you my very professional setup. When I have a large background to paint, I will tape it to the long wall in my basement. Two sheets of butcher paper from the library, colored pencils (plus a black pastel) and a boatload of fixative and presto.......... Our Town. Please ignore the paper mache frog in the foreground and the plaid PJ's............which I am supposed to be hemming for my Mom. Soon, I promise.

I'll take a photo of the completed set at the library when finished.

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