Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Have you ever broken a piece of your china or crystal and didn't know where to buy a replacement? Ever chew up a piece of flatware or silver in the garbage disposal and need to buy a replacement? Ever try to match your grandmother's platter pattern and didn't know where to start? Well, the best place to start is REPLACEMENTS in Greensboro, N. C.

A few weeks ago I was in Greensboro and toured the Replacements facility. It is HUGE! It is the size of 7 football fields. They are the largest source for china and crystal patterns. Below is a table shot from their showroom.

They also carry Old World glass ornaments. They carry EVERY Old World glass ornament! They also stock hundreds of silver patterns, china, crystal, flatware, everyday patterns, etc.

Below are tables where clerks are gathering orders.

Their shelves are massive. They carry over 300,000 patterns and over 13.8 MILLION pieces!!!

They receive pieces from patrons every day who want to sell their patterns. They also receive overstocks from stores.

Need some Fiestaware? This is the place to find it!

Every item is tagged, logged in the computer and placed on shelves. While I was there I ordered a few replacement glasses. They brought several out for me to check and choose the ones I wanted.

They have a small museum where they show off very important pieces like the "Fancy Feast" dish.

REPLACEMENTS is a very animal friendly place and the employees are encouraged to bring their dogs to work. Outside of the breakroom you can put your dog on a chain leash while you are sipping your latte!

Here is a case full of the most popular china patterns.

The most popular crystal patterns are also displayed.

And the most popular silver patterns. Check out the Replacements website and look for your patterns or better yet, visit their facility in Greensboro, N. C.

Friday, October 22, 2010


It was a perfect friday night for a high school football game! The leaves are changing, the temperature is cooling off and there was a full moon in the sky. A great night for a little cross town rivalry between the Woodstock Wolverines and the Etowah Eagles. The stadium was packed, players pumped, parking lots full, students painted from head to toe with their school colors and anticipation in the air. They fought hard til the end going into overtime. Etowah won 17-14 in a close one! Enjoy a few photos from the game.............

Monday, October 18, 2010


My first pair of fingerless wool gloves...........
The pattern is called "Darting Diagonals" Fingerless Gloves by Tickled Pink Knits. I used a Berroco Vintage machine washable blend of 50% acrylic and 40% wool and 10% nylon which can be machine washed. Perfect for my daughter in Nashville. Check your mail, Kelly!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Saturday we visited the Atlanta Botanical Gardens next to Piedmont Park. There are several exhibitions going on in October. One of my favorites every year is SCARECROWS IN THE GARDEN, a collection of scarecrows made by artists, clubs, schools and neighbors in the Atlanta area. Check out my photos; this is only a small fraction of the scarecrows in the garden!

This is a Venus Fly Trap. Notice the tiny elf-like shoes hanging out of the large Venus' mouth.

And yes, there are crows in the garden!

And this is Snooki, from THE JERSEY SHORE. I didn't see the Situation but he may be lurking there somewhere.

This one is for my friend, Linda, who works with me at the Woodstock Library. You are forever immortalized at the Botanical Gardens.

Notice, this is a green toilet!

The next three photos were from the BLOWN ORGANICS exhibit and were hand blown glass sculptures by Cohn-Stone Studios. This sunflower sitting in the middle of a pond was stunning!

There were hundreds of blown glass pumpkins, gourds, fruits and vegetables.

One of my favorite places in the gardens is the bog garden. I love the pitcher plants.

This is the newly completed CANOPY WALK which uses an inverted suspension system. It winds through the forest canopy.

And I have always loved this sculpture in the frog pond. It is just so happy and carefree.

Now, hurry quick and go see the exhibits at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Next up........trains.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Ummmmm.................that can only mean that my DH is working on another project.

I know now that when I arrive home from work to find sheetrock, especially a piece that has been cut, that there is a hole in my house somewhere. When I walked into my kitchen it looked like a giant Pepperidge Farm goldfish had fallen through the ceiling........

Not to fear, my husband tells me. He is moving the ugly can light over the kitchen sink so it will be centered and hanging a pendant light. OK, I say.

This is the pendant light we picked out from Lowe's. I think the mosaic pieces will match our kitchen backsplash.

And, voila! I love it! At night it casts the most wonderful golden light on the tile backsplash.
Pepperidge Farm goldfish is all patched up and painted.