Saturday, October 16, 2010


Ummmmm.................that can only mean that my DH is working on another project.

I know now that when I arrive home from work to find sheetrock, especially a piece that has been cut, that there is a hole in my house somewhere. When I walked into my kitchen it looked like a giant Pepperidge Farm goldfish had fallen through the ceiling........

Not to fear, my husband tells me. He is moving the ugly can light over the kitchen sink so it will be centered and hanging a pendant light. OK, I say.

This is the pendant light we picked out from Lowe's. I think the mosaic pieces will match our kitchen backsplash.

And, voila! I love it! At night it casts the most wonderful golden light on the tile backsplash.
Pepperidge Farm goldfish is all patched up and painted.

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