Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WHILE IN TEXAS.............

Last weekend our friends in Dallas had their yearly Larry Joe Taylor concert/bar-b-q in their backyard. We flew out a couple of days early to visit with some family and to go to a Rangers game. They like to do things BIG in Texas. I was in the Tom Thumb parking lot (a grocery store) and this little lady pulls up in this Big A&$ F350 jacked up truck. It completely obliterates the Tom Thumb!

They don't serve cheese fries like they do at Turner Field. In Ranger's Stadium their fries have some herbs and a little cheese and salt.

We saw lots of bling in Texas, this cell phone cover was covered in rhinestones, although they don't sparkle in the photo. Believe me..............

And all FIVE toes had the same artwork!

This is Ranger's Stadium. It's very pretty and reminds me of Coors Field. They told me that last week some parachuters jumped in and one got stuck on one of the flag poles on top of the score sign. Not sure how he got down, that's a LONG drop!

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