Wednesday, September 1, 2010


LARRY JOE TAYLOR has been called the Jimmy Buffet of Texas. If you like beach music, a little bit country, good ole boy lyrics and just a plain ole good time, you'll LOVE Larry Joe Taylor. This was our third year attending our friends' Bar-b-q and backyard concert in Grapevine, Texas. Larry Joe travels around Texas putting on concerts at festivals, clubs, friends' backyards and on cruises. This year we were treated to smoked brisket and chicken cooked on Charlie's huge smoker below.

Charlie always travels with his tackle box full of spices. Aren't they smart in Texas?

And here is Charlie working on the baked beans. He also prepared a hash brown casserole and cabbage smoked, cored with a stick of butter, jalapenos and garlic inside. No calories, I was assured.

Below is the Beer Butt Chicken. It was smoked for about 4 hours, the brisket for about 12 hours. He made us all drink 1/2 a beer, then he props the other 1/2 under the chicken and the evaporated beer steams the chicken. Yum, yum!

These were interesting chairs. Last year when they were building the new Cowboys Stadium, they ended up selling the old seating. Bob was able to buy a couple of the stadium seats. So cool!

Larry Joe cranking it up.........

We thought we were going to have to call 911 after this guy tries to Limbo!

The grandkids got into the act too!

Everyone had a great time dancing, eating, visiting with old friends and just relaxing and laying back and listening to some great music!

Little Isaac, Bob and Beth's grandson (one of the triplets) was really getting into the rhythm of the music. During a break, the drummer was so nice and let him play the drums.

Here's our crew.........Gregg, me, Larry Joe Taylor, Beth and Bob.

One last photo before we had to leave. Thanks again Beth and Bob for another great concert!!!

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