Sunday, July 11, 2010


If you don't have anything planned for the 4th of July weekend next year, you should go to the SUNFLOWER FESTIVAL in Rutledge, GA. It is located east of Conyers and Madison, which is about 1 1/2 hours away from Woodstock. The driver of the golf cart that took us to the entrance from the parking lot told us that they average about 5000 people a day on that weekend. As you approach the entrance you can see the sunflowers in the background.

Since we arrived around noon, we decided to stop and eat some bar b q first. We sat down and a lady just plopped down her freshly cut sunflowers in front of me. You can't even take a bad photo here, even if you try!

Lots of photo ops with the great old trucks, tractors, barns, and of course sunflowers! (Me and Gregg)

Bluegrass bands playing on the stage in the shade all day. Bar b q tastes better with Bluegrass!

I mean who could pass up Finger Lickin, Bone suckin, lip smackin, great tastin bar b q?

And of course there were funnel cakes and cotton candy. This reminds me of when I was little and walking around with a bag of cotton candy dipping my hand into the bag until my fingers were red eating that sugary goodness. Come on, you remember doing that!

Everyone had on Red, White and Blue..........

I couldn't resist this adorable little girl at the petting zoo! I'm not sure who is cuter, the little lamb or the little smiling girl..............

This was the "Crazy Hair" stand. They put a SOLO cup in the middle of her hair to make it stand up, along with a ton of hair spray. When finished, it is painted and furry feathers and glitter added to make it look very Seuss-like.

Cute little cubby cheeked girl again on the pony rides........

And who is this cute Sunflower Couple but Gregg's brother (Gary) and his wife (Lynne)! Great photo ops everywhere! (Ummm, FB profile pic)

There are several acres and types of sunflowers. My face is getting burned but we were having a great time cutting the sunflowers.

The guys holding our vases of cut sunflowers.

My niece, Maddy. Love her braids!

In the background you can see the white tent where we picked up our vases and cutting shears. There were a couple of cut roads but mostly you just make your way through the fields of sunflowers. If you want something different to do on the Fourth, check out the Rutledge Sunflower Festival next year. It is worth the drive!!!

........and I couldn't help but take a photo of this girl driving along next to us at about a 70 mph clip! Notice her left foot on the dashboard and one hand on the steering wheel. Yikes, where did she take driver's training?

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