Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Evidently, the squirrels in my backyard have passed on the tradition of picking peaches, peeling, and eating them on my deck and leaving the peelings behind. The youngsters have learned well because yesterday I saw my first peach of the season left on the deck railing. You can see the little pieces of peeling beside the peach. In past years I have had a plump little squirrel, I called Chipper, because he had a bite taken out of his ear. He would carry 2-3 peaches to my deck railing, eat them, leave the peelings all over and then lay on his tummy on top of the railing with his legs hanging over the sides and fall asleep. I haven't seen Chipper in a while, so my new visitors must be his son or grandsons.

Looking over my deck railing you can see where the rascals are getting the peaches............from my neighbor's peach tree!!! Looks like they are getting ripe. Smart squirrels!

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