Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Here is the BEFORE photo of our kitchen on a typical Sunday morning. The new granite countertop is being delivered the next day so we (uh, my husband) need to remove the old 14 year old formica counter and have the area clean and ready to go.

We saved $300. removing the counters ourselves (uh, my husband, actually), along with the sink and plumbing.

And out go the counters.............black mold and all............

........and HERE is the new granite (Sierra Ridge) counter. We (uh, my husband, again) have to hook the plumbing back up (easier said than done!) and then we will be ready to install the tumbled marble backsplash. I've enjoyed the green paint but it is time to update and install something more permanent.
Below is the tumbled marble we will install tomorrow. I'll post "after" photos when completed. I picked up the tile from Lowe's along with "no sand" Alabaster grout, Grace "Bondera" tile set mat. The Bondera comes in a long roll 12" wide and is sticky on both sides so it sticks to the wall and then you just stick your tile in place. Then you just add grout. I want the holes to show in the tumbled marble so I will seal the tile first so it is easier to wipe away the unwanted grout. Big day tomorrow!

I found these cute starfish at a shop named LINDEN in downtown Woodstock. They have some nice vintage and shabby chic pieces there. It's worth a trip to look around. I'm trying out some of my paintings to see what I want over the fireplace. I think this one is too small. It's a Koi watercolor painting I did several years ago.

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Lisa said...

Wow, your kitchen is looking fabulous!