Sunday, May 30, 2010


Bank of America tickets on the 9th row behind Braves dugout, seeing Chipper up close, Heyward homerun, rain delay plus fireworks = a great Saturday night at Turner Field!!!

Below is Medlen pitching. I swear he looks like he should be playing T-ball, I don't even think he shaves yet! But he pulled it off, a Braves win.

We got to see a great Jason Heyward homerun! He is awesome! We also found out why he chose the number "22". When he was in high school playing baseball, his best friend on the team was number 22. His friend died of cancer in their senior year. Jason has always gone back to check on his friend's mom. When he was offered a position on the Braves, he called her and said he had a surprise. He took the jersey to show her and tell her that he would always be thinking of her son when he wore the number 22. Everyone in the stadium was crying!!!

Chipper up to bat.

The Coke bottle in the outfield. Each one of those panels is an LCD panel and the "Coke" label lights up with video before each player starts to bat. I remember when Chief Knock- A -Homa used to come out of his tee pee in far left field everytime the Braves hit a home run. Not politically correct!! Boy has technology changed from smoke coming out the top of a tee pee to swirling video on a Coke bottle..........

My sister in law and her friend Rick.

The rain held off until the 8th inning and then it came out of NOWHERE in huge drops. These guys have a rain delay down to a science. No problem, I had my trusty green ponchos that were left over from the Georgia Tech games when everyone made fun of me! But I seem to remember everyone saying "Pass me a poncho!"

Victory after the rain delay!

Ha! All decked out in our ponchos.........

The fireworks were spectacular after the game! And two turns out of the parking lot we were back on 75 N..............thanks for the tix, Neets!!!

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Lisa said...

How fun! I never knew about Chief funny!