Sunday, January 10, 2010


I've joined Project 365 this year where everyone takes one photo a day for the entire year. You can see my photos here. I have been taking my camera with me wherever I go. This morning we ate at Waffle House and low and behold our governor Sonny Perdue was there. I snapped this photo of him with my husband. Gregg gave Sonny a few tips on running the state after the photo.

Waffle House cooks busy making smothered, covered and scattered hash browns. What could be better on a Sunday morning? Pecan waffle, maybe?

A snowman seen in front of Towers Dorm at Georgia Tech yesterday when we drove our son back to school.


Becky said...

Your Governor at The Waffle House? Did he have an entourage and body guards? Cool!

Love your pictures too.

Kathi Fly said...

He DID have 2 bodyguards! I think he is somewhat of a regular at this particular Waffle House.

Becky said...

That's just a hoot! I hope he lets his guards eat too!