Saturday, January 9, 2010


When snow approaches Atlanta we always sound and look like a bunch of wimps. We give minute by minute accounts of each flake falling and we don't even own a snow scraping machine. By the number of cars at the Kroger, you'd think George Clooney was there, even though the radio weather announcers said we didn't need to stock up on bread and milk. Well, they were wrong! With only 1 inch of snow, it melted into a solid sheet of ice on Atlanta streets. It cripples the city. We couldn't get out of our driveway or up the hill in our neighborhood. THAT'S WHAT WE'RE TALKING ABOUT!! WE'RE NOT REALLY WEENIES. So, I watched knitting videos on Youtube and below is my project in progress, sitting appropriately on our icy deck.

UGA, guarding our house even in the snow!

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Becky said...

Poor UGA! When you have a chance you could knit him a scarf or something!

Your yarn is so pretty and your stitches look very even! Way to go!

Ice ain't to be messed with. I'll happily drive in snow but won't even look at an icy road!!!