Monday, November 30, 2009


Do you ever feel out of sorts or that you wore the wrong thing to a party? Do you think you're overdressed or underdressed? Maybe you just want to blend in with the crowd. Do you ever feel that you just stick out like a sore thumb??

Sorry, Mr. Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket fan...........I just had to post this photo of this LOYAL Tech fan at the Georgia vs Georgia Tech game Saturday night. He sat ALL night in the GEORGIA section wearing his BUZZ hat. He was never rude or yelled or called the GEORGIA fans names like "inbred" or made fun of us because we aren't invited to a big name BCS bowl. No, he just sat there, with his BUZZ helmet and watched his beloved YELLOW JACKETS. Hats off to you, Mr. Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket fan. Or maybe I should say, Buzz Helmets're a Good Sport and good luck in Tampa!!! Go DAWGS!


Lisa said...

How funny! I was wondering if you were at that game??!! Michael stayed up until midnight to watch it on TV

Becky said...

Kathi, I have long been the lone Wake Forest Demon Deacon fan here in my household of UNC TarHeels. (Daddy graduated Wake Law in '51 so we were indoctrinated from birth.) Add to that the fact that I attended Clempzin I am again a minority!

And it's Go Tigerrrrrrrs! Not yellow jackets! hmmph!