Sunday, September 13, 2009


Ohhhh, men and their tools! You know how you start out changing one thing in a room and then you think "Well, now I need to change this because it looks old and dingy" and then it sort of snowballs?

My oldest son volunteered to help me repair the ceiling in our guest bathroom. He has had some experience with sheetrock and knows how to cut out and patch up an old leak in the ceiling. Well, that was going so good I decided we needed to change out the fixtures.

The guys at Home Depot persuaded us to buy this shower head which was evidently featured on a Seinfeld episode. Something about water shortage and Kramer buys it out of the back of a car. Then, I needed to buy a new faucet and knobs for the tub of course.

Then my sweet husband thought everything was looking so nice, he decided we really did need a new toilet (after 13 years of two boys using it....catch my drift?) to spruce up the bathroom. (Notice said toilet in shower) A little painters tape, a gallon of paint and presto........

.....a "VERY TEAL" guest bathroom. Of course, we're not through. My son said he would help me replace the old floor tile and carpet with new travertine. I'll post a finished photo.........soon..........I hope!

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Lisa said...

How funny--love that story. The color is unbelievable--so beautiful!