Monday, August 3, 2009


Our anniversary trip....had to get a shot of this!

This sign was posted in SoHo and it WAS pretty quiet there! I'm not sure how they know who honks unless they have a video/audio camera.
These impeccably dressed ladies gathered in Columbus Park in Chinatown to talk and play cards while the men played some sort of Chinese dominos. The median age was about 80 and every seat on the benches was taken! There was a little band playing Chinese instruments while a lady sang. You could tell this was their weekly routine and that they enjoyed seeing each other.

Don't these kids look like they just walked off the set of "The Sandlot"? They were best friends (they told us) and worked in a little store next to Ladder House 10 across the street from Ground Zero. We stopped in to buy a bottle of water and these boys were so eager to help us. I wondered if they lived close by, and if they remembered 9/11, if they were even old enough to remember. Of course they are reminded of it everyday and have known it all of their lives. They just had to look out the front window. It is a part of them. But, their smiling faces remind us how resilient they are!

This little girl was leaving the American Girl Store with doll and bag in hand. I think she could probably pass as "Annie".

St. Patrick's Cathedral...........a quiet moment.

As we were leaving Rockefeller Center we passed a very small chocolate shop. The walls were filled with shelves full of chocolates. I just popped my head inside to take a photo. Wish I had a piece now!