Sunday, August 2, 2009


I have a collection of snow globes so I had to pick up one from NYC.
Saturday morning we rode the Staten Island Ferry round trip. We were on the wrong side of the ferry on the way over so I missed getting a good shot of the Statue of Liberty. But, I made sure to get on the LEFT side on the return trip! From the ferry you get a great view of lower Manhattan. If you go to the NYC, be sure to take the Staten Island's a great bargain....FREE!

Ellis Island
After riding the Staten Island Ferry, we visited Chinatown. We stopped in a little Chinese grocery and I took a photo of these jars. I'm not sure what they are but they caught my eye. At first I thought they were pomegranates, but they were next to the chilies.
In Chinatown vendors set up their fresh produce on the streets. You can buy all kinds of vegetables, fruits, fish, etc. You can buy all sorts of knockoff pocket books, sunglasses and perfume.

Another photo from the Chinese grocery of an item I've never heard of before - pickled lotus root. Don't think I've seen a recipe with that ingredient!

Little Italy - Saturdays they close off the streets to pedestrians only. It was packed with shoppers and tourists. We had some great gelato and did a lot of people watching. One night we ate at Angelo's. We used to eat there about 28 years ago when we lived in New Jersey. I'm happy to say it's still the same! It is located on Mulberry Street.

Washington Park - our feet were killing us so we decided to take a break in Washington Park near NYU and the Village. Kids were having a great time playing in the fountain, in the background men played bocce ball and musicians played their instruments.

Broadway at night...the streets are packed, people getting out of their shows, neon lights everywhere.....very vibrant and exciting!

.........and another night shot of Radio City Music Hall.