Friday, June 26, 2009

Painting at Glenridge Hall

This view is the back side of Glenridge Hall along the slate walkway up to the backyard. I was able to get the first layer of paint on my paper. I will finish it up at home.

This is Glenridge Hall. It is a beautiful home where my group of plein air painters painted this morning. We wandered around the grounds taking photos, looking at the gardens, the beautiful Tudor home, fountains, and the large chess game. It temperature was in the 80's this morning and creeped up into the low 90's this afternoon but it didn't bother us. When you are painting in such a beautiful setting you are concentrating on your work and the sounds around you, not the heat. We stopped for a few minutes to eat our lunch on the summer porch. Our group had painted here before, but it was my first time. I can't wait to go back!