Thursday, June 25, 2009


These are some of the books on my bookshelf right now. Currently I'm reading "Tortilla Curtain" which contrasts the lives of a wealthy young couple in Los Angeles with a poor hispanic couple living in a tent city of the LA suburbs. I see so many interesting books at the library....too many to read! Of course all of the Twilight books are really popular, along with Charlaine Harris, Jodi Picoult, Janet Evanovich, Vince Flynn, John Grisham and the other NYTimes best seller's list. Rick Riordan is very popular with the kids. I get a lot of questions about good books for elementary school age children. I like to check out some of the popular authors to see what they are reading. I also get book suggestions from the Arapahoe Library District's website. They have short video book reviews which you can watch. They also have several suggested reading lists. Grab a good book, glass of tea, prop up your feet and enjoy a good book!