Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I've been testing out different accessories for the American Girl Dolls that might be fun and somewhat easy for young girls to make.  Here is a little puppy and his doggy bed that I made out of an up cycled TIDE detergent bottle.  I just cut the bottom off, and hot glued fabric bias binding around the rough edges.  I made a little pillow and stuffed it with polyester fiberfil.  I found the little doggy pattern on a german website with all the instructions in german.  But all you really need is the pattern.  The next one I make I think I will shorten the little doggy so he will fit better into the bed.  All in all, I think he would be cute and fun for an American Girl doll lover to play with!  This craft would be too difficult for a child because there is a lot of sewing, but the dog bed might be a possibility.

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