Thursday, May 2, 2013


Today I made Saige an Artist's Smock.  The American Girl Store sells accessories for Saige which include an easel, canvases, paints and brushes but NO smock.  So, I figured every artist needs a smock........and a tie-dyed kerchief.............and a palette..........with paint dabs.   These are now in my new etsy shop, IT'S A DOLL'S WORLD.   

I read the two Saige books last week and I have to admit that I really liked them!  They are sweet stories about family, girls' relationships and growing up.  Saige lives in New Mexico.  When I was in 4th grade we were assigned to write about a state.  I chose New Mexico.  I even got a letter back from the governor at that time!  Saige loves to paint and has a close relationship with her grandmother.  I am a pastel and watercolor painter as well.   So I have enjoyed making clothes and accessories for Saige.  Check out some of my creations.............

I tie-dyed this fabric sheet in 1995 while living in Denver.  I made roman shades out of it at the time.  I still have some of the left over fabric............I knew it would come in handy sometime.

Saige's paint palette is made out of craft foam.  I just dabbed some paint on to look like she has been painting.

The paint brush and the box of paints actually belong to a set I bought for my daughter's doll, Samantha, about 20 years ago.

I decided to splatter some paint on one of the artist smocks that I made.  I think it looks more realistic.

I found the easel and small canvas at Joann's

Here is a trio of skinny jeans I made using a Liberty Jane pattern.  I used denim with spandex.  I love how they turned out!  They have four working pockets, mock fly, elastic in the waist and fit the dolls so cute!

Here's a little top I made using a SchoolHouse pattern.  It is such a simple pattern that it would be a great choice to use to teach your daughter how to sew.  I love the little ruffle on the bottom and it fits perfectly!  It closes in the back with velcro and has matching capris if you want to make them as well.

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