Friday, April 26, 2013


     Our library (Hickory Flat Library part of the Sequoyah Regional Library System, near Atlanta, Georgia) hosted a Rainbow Magic Fairy Party Wednesday to promote a new series of children's books.  Little girls love reading about the escapades of these little fairies and the books are flying off the shelves.  Our meeting room was soon filled with little fairies, dressed as their favorite Rainbow Magic Fairy.  Some came with their faces painted, even little baby sisters had fairy wings along with a few moms and grandmothers!!

     We decided to include 3 crafts, a few games including Pin the Wand on the Fairy, a Trivia Game, Crossword puzzle,  various coloring sheets and dot to dots.  We decorated the tables with tableclothes from the Dollar Store and draped glittered tulle around the edges.  We gathered old prom dresses we had at home and decorated the walls.  Not to mention the fabulous refreshments provided by a local cupcake maker who made cupcakes with "Nerds" on top.  We served Mango punch, cupcakes and cookies with pink and yellow chips.  The fairies were so well behaved and had a wonderful time!

Enjoy the photos...........and check out the Rainbow Magic Fairies series.

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