Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I'm working on a "photo booth" dinosaur set for our library's summer reading program.  The theme is Dig Into Reading. I gathered a bunch of inspiration from Pinterest and composed this painting on a washing machine cardboard box.  I will cut out the ovals for the kids to put their faces through and finish painting the background.  Right now I have it taped on my wall so I can paint and stand back to look at it.  When finished, it will stand about 4 feet tall. I can't wait to see the little kids poking their heads through!!!  

Below is the finished painting.  I just need to cut out the oval openings for the kiddos to stick their heads through.  

Amie Freling Brown of  Meme Hill Studio was so nice to give me permission to copy her dinosaur head from one of her murals.  I loved that her dinosaur looked so sweet and friendly.  Check out her fabulous murals on her website here.

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