Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gibbs Gardens in Ball Ground, Georgia

Treat yourself to a lovely day at Gibbs Gardens.  It is filled with trails weaving through carefully planned gardens with plenty of shade and benches.  My favorite was the Monet's garden complete with a replica of the bridge and waterlillies.  If you are visiting Atlanta, take time to drive up to Ball Ground (about 45 minutes from Atlanta) and visit Gibbs Gardens.  This was 20 years in the making and just a lovely setting.

I took my mom for Mother's Day this year.

The hydrangeas were in bloom.

Another view of Monet's bridge.

Covered walkway leading up to the manor house.

This is the Gibbs' home with pool in the side yard.  You are welcome to wander around, sit and make yourself at home!

This little bench is located just behind the house in a small secret garden.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


When was the last time you went to the zoo?  I don't think I've been in about 10 years.  There is a Zoo Atlanta pass you can pick up at your local library and receive 4 free passes to the Zoo!  Last weekend we took advantage of that little deal!

I happened to be standing at the Flamingo pool when the caretakers arrived with food.  ALL of the flamingos turned and started toward the caretakers at once!

I love the graceful flamingo with those huge beaks!  I still don't understand how they can stand on one leg for so long!

There was one area of the zoo that I had never been to before.  It was the bird sanctuary.  It was filled with parakeets.

Love the giraffes!

I learned that each gorilla has a different shaped nose similar to our fingerprints.  That is how they are identified by their noses!

And of course, the Carousel.

On the way home we stopped at Atlanta's Food Truck Park at Howell Mill Road and I-75.

You HAVE to stop at the YumYum truck and get a cupcake!

This past spring a robin built a nest next to our dining room window.  I took photos every few days.  I love this photo of the little white feathers glowing in the sun with the mother bird watching over her babies.

Artists at Glenridge Hall

Each year my Outdoor Painting Group plans an outing to Glenridge Hall to paint.  This was the house where DRIVING MISS DAISY was filmed.  It is a beautiful Tudor house with gorgeous gardens.  It is hard to decide what to paint.  I love walking around taking photographs.  So enjoy.............

Things I've been doing........

We've been busy at the library.  For CHILDREN'S BOOK WEEK we decided to dress up as characters in ALICE IN WONDERLAND.  I knitted Alice's blonde wig and Debby crocheted the other hats.  It was fun putting together the costumes and seeing the faces of the children at the library.

We found out that we are going to be grandparents.................can't wait!

And my youngest son graduated from college.

This is the day he received his cap and gown in the mail.  Trying it on for the first time.........

Georgia Tech graduation - May 5, 2012


I've been away a long time.  Here are a few projects that I have been working on while I've been away.