Monday, November 7, 2011


After changing the buttons 3 times, I am finally satisfied with the cowl I made for my friend Carmen who owns Izumi Thai restaurant in Woodstock.  She asked me to make her a black one after seeing me wear my camel cowl.  She had asked for black and sparkly - like diamonds, but not diamonds.  I found this perfect and SOFT yarn at The Whole Nine Yarns in downtown Woodstock.  It has just a little silver sparkly glitter running through the yarn.  Since Carmen is from Thailand, I thought the buttons reflect designs you might see on Thai embroidery.  I think it will look perfect on her and I hope she loves it!  See below for a close up of the buttons.

I found these wonderful buttons at Joann's.  They were made in Italy, but are so lightweight that they don't pull on the yarn.  The cowl is very lightweight and the previous buttons I had purchased kept pulling and distorting the shape.  These are 1 1/8" in diameter and will stay buttoned and look perfect on petite Carmen.

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