Monday, October 24, 2011


SPOILER ALERT*****if you're planning on going to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and haven't seen  the scarecrows yet, don't look at my photos.  But, if you aren't able to go this year, browse and have fun.....

What could be more fun than the combination of little Hobgoblins, a Chihuly glass sculpture and world renown gardens?  We visited the Atlanta Botanical Gardens annual Scarecrows in the Garden this weekend and were enchanted with the scarecrows along with hundreds of little children all dressed in their finest Halloween costumes!  I think this says it all........a princess, Snow White and Captain America enthralled with the fountain and Dale Chihuly sculpture in the Rose Garden.

And of course, the Venus FLY Trap was my favorite. Notice her eyes, hands and feet have already turned into a fly.

Day of the Dead scarecrow

And look closely and you will see all of the shells........yes, it's "Shell yrl" scare Crow!

And a Jack Sparrow Scarecrow

Love the Hippo Bride.  Most of the scarecrows are in the South Gardens are you walk through the forest.  Be sure to go up and down each trail because they are tucked in all around the garden.  In most cases you can walk up to the scarecrow to look at it closely.

or take your photo next to one!

The flowers were beautiful too!  This is near the waterfall gardens with the beautiful hand-forged iron gates.

Me and Coco Chanel Scarecrow.

This scarecrow was made entirely out of  s*#%$&@  pulled out of Nancy Creek.  Wonder how that worked out for the person who lost the bathing suit top?  

And this one made me think of my niece who is expecting twins in December.........

Look who we ran into .......

This is the pond and bog garden in the Children's Garden area.  Most of the scarecrows here were made by elementary schools.

This was a clever one ANDREW LLOYD WEBER made out of a weber grill.

The Rose Garden

There were lots of activities for the little ones including storytelling.......

This little mermaid reminded me of Bette Midler, The Divine Miss M!  She was waiting in line for a seat on the train.

This little UPS boy was all decked out and even had a package to deliver.  They are SO fast!  It think the lollipops help.

a little giraffe wants a bath in the fountain.......

Looking towards to Fuqua Orchid center and the main lawn.  To the right were train rides, to the left were pony rides.  Oh to be four again!

This fountain has always been one of  my favorites.   I love how the water cascades over the sculptured faces.

And this little Ladybug was taking a break with her juicy cup.  By far, there were more ladybug costumes than anything else.  Good for a garden, I guess!

This Raggedy Ann and Andy were Ginormas!  You can see their faces through the mesh hearts.  Cute little damsel getting her picture made.

And we saw Snow White and Captain America on the pony rides.

pitcher plant in the bog garden

and the reflecting pool down the stairs near Piedmont Park

Who knew they had a train in the garden?

A cute little fairy taking a break from the festivities.

Another beautiful Scarecrow in the Garden.  They said that there are over 100 scarecrows mingled throughout the garden, but only until October 30th!  Quick, so see the scarecrows!

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