Friday, June 17, 2011


Today is the perfect gray, cloudy day to do a little cleaning in the kitchen. Like........clean out the frig!  Not one of my favorite things to do but I sure do love it when it's finished.  So I go about emptying everything on the shelves, throwing away leftovers and empty containers.  Then I come across this....

I know it's been a long time since I cleaned out my frig, but really, I'm not that bad.  Am I?  Surely someone brought this package of cream cheese over for Easter or Thanksgiving and just left it in my refrigerator.  It was hard enough to patch the stucco on the front of my house or maybe the cracked driveway.  Guess I should throw it in with the spackle box in the garage.  Well, the garage will be next.  For now I have a clean refrigerator.........and I found a bottle of Italian Pinot Grigio that I didn't know I had.  Guess it's 5:00 somewhere!

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