Friday, May 6, 2011


May 2-8 is National Children's Book Week.  At our library, we decided to dress up like some of our favorite book characters.  I chose Rapunzel, although the children called me "Tangled".  I made my own long braided Rapunzel wig.  I combined ideas from Made by K and Family Fun to make my own wig.  Here's a quickie tutorial if you're interested.  I bought 3 skeins of yarn at Walmart.  I wanted my "hair" to be about 90" long so I found a table about that length.  I wrapped the yarn around the table about 18 times and then I tied off the top.  I then cut the opposite end.

I made about 12 bundles of the 90" (I ended up cutting some off, so you could start shorter for an adult size) lengths of yarn.

I read on a blog where someone used old pantyhose, cut the legs off and tie the hole closed.  I didn't have any pantyhose, so I used one of my husband's old pitted out T-shirts.  I cut a sleeve off and stitched a running stitch around the "cut" edge and pulled it tight. ( I'm still not sure which is worse, having pantyhose crotch or pitted out men's T-shirt on your head.)

I drew a line down the center of the "cap" where a part would be from front to back bottom.  I started sewing at the back bottom.  But, if I had it to do again, I'd start at the top so there would be more "hair" in the front.  I used an upholstery needle with a large eye and some of the yarn to sew the bundles to the cap on the line I had drawn.  After you sew the first one, place the next one about 1/2" above and sew in the same manner.  Continue until all bundles are sewn onto the cap.

I added bangs to mine.  There is a lot of yarn so you just have to comb it with your fingers, pull it to the side and braid it.

Add a tiara, and Voila..........Rapunzel......

And here's our Story Book Crew at the Woodstock Public Library, Woodstock, GA.  Pippi Longstocking, Where's Waldo, Emily Elizabeth & Clifford, Amelia Bedelia and Rapunzel (Tangled).

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