Friday, May 27, 2011


I love legos!  My boys love legos, I used to work for LEGO, Inc..  We even have a room devoted to legos, in the basement closet adjacent to my sewing room.  My youngest son used to play legos while I sewed.  I recently saw a cafe that had a kid's room where the walls were lined with legos.  How cool is that?  It's Cafe Boocah in Brooklyn, NY designed by I-Beam Designs in NYC.  I also saw a post where a library has "Lego Afternoon" where kids and parents can build little creations out of legos at the library.  What fun!  That is one of my design and sell the idea to our library for a "Lego Afternoon".  Below are two photos of my LEGO closet.

Below is Cafe Boocah in Brooklyn, NY.  They've lined the walls with lego foundations and the kids can create to their heart's content.

And this is a photo from the El Dorado County library used with permission by glitzypursegirl of their Lego afternoons.  There's a video here .  Now, don't you want to pull out your old legos?

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Ansley Denihan said...

LOVE this lego wall. I'm gonna steal that idea when Ford gets his own room someday! Too Cool. And how awesome that you used to work for Lego! We are excited about the Lego world coming to Phipps Plaza next Spring. Looks like it is going to be HUGE!