Monday, April 11, 2011


LIGHTS, CAMERA, READ is a new display I made for our library this week.  It is based on books made into movies.  I found a director's chair at home that my son received as a high school senior.  I recovered a Georgia Tech megaphone with craft paper and wrote "ACTION".  I had a metal calendar that I had painted with blackboard paint so I wrote the words LIGHTS CAMERA READ.  My daughter had an original large popcorn container from when she went to see the movie "Titanic".  I made a clapper out of a Lowe's paint stick which I painted black and white stripes.  I also used a heavy piece of cardboard from the back of a watercolor pad and painted it with the blackboard paint.  I painted "director, camera, production," etc.  I also found an old hat my boys used in Boy Scouts that I hung on the back of the director's chair.  All in all, I think it turned out pretty cute for 0 $$$.  We found a lot of books to display and a lot have been checked out so far.

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