Sunday, January 9, 2011


Atlanta is under a Severe Snow Storm Warning............we don't mess around when we hear "Severe" or "Snow" or "Ice" or "Storm" hear in Atlanta. One reason is that we don't have any snowplows down here. Also, all the people that have decided to move to the sunny south from up North, still think they know how to drive in our Southern Snowstorms. No, they just drive too fast causing even more accidents. Another, we KNOW that when we have an ice storm, the roads freeze. That could mean no electrical power and you may be stuck in your house for days. So just in case, I'm making some vegetable soup, sending my husband to the grocery store for buttermilk so I can make cornbread and hunkering down and waiting for the snow. Yesterday, I made a huge batch of Cheese Chicken Chowder, but my son took most of it back to school with him. The vegetable soup should last us several days..............until we thaw out.

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