Saturday, January 22, 2011


The Family Bible. It conjures up images of families sitting around a room lit by candlelight with their father reading from the bible. I noticed many of the pages in this bible have darker smudges, probably from the oil from their fingertips. There are a lot in Luke describing the birth of Christ. The bible below belonged to my great-grandparents, my grandmother's parents. Her father was a judge in the town of Union, Mississippi. The forward of this bible is an illustrated dictionary of bible terms and facts. For instance, there is a drawing of what the tabernacle in the desert would have looked like and explanations of biblical measurements compared to our current day measurements. It makes it a little easier to picture a "cubit". I was surprised to find the books of 1 and 2nd Maccabees along with a book I've never heard of, Esdras. I'll have to do a little research on that. (Footnote: Esdras is the book of Ezra - when the Israelites returned from their Babylonian exile) It also has many beautiful etchings. I am having this bible restored/rebound by a local man who retired from the National Book Bindery. I'll post photos when it is returned. Until then enjoy looking at these photos.

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