Thursday, February 11, 2010


I love the color and feel of my bamboo knitting needles. I finished another scarf. I'm still only know the knit stitch but my first knitting class is this Saturday and I hope to learn how to purl. My brother in law said knitting is addictive and that he thinks they put crack on the tips of the needles and the yarn. I'm starting to agree.......

Another scarf I finished last night. This time for my daughter. My FIRST knitted project that I will give away. I'll pop it in the mail today hoping it arrives by Valentine's Day.

I've been taking photographs all over the place for my 365 blog. Above is one I took at Fleu de Coop Antiques store. I love the shades of cream and brown, the stitching and the buckles. They don't make suitcases like they used to.

Friday, February 5, 2010


I just finished knitting my first scarf! I will be taking a beginning knitting class next weekend at the Whole Nine Yarns so I've been practicing by watching YouTube videos. It was so much fun and relaxing and I've already bought more yarn for my next project. Now I just need to learn how to purl!


I haven't posted in a long time! New opportunities, changes and obligations taking precedent. Since losing his job, my husband has been repairing, painting and tackling jobs long overdue in our 14 year old house. One that is turning out really pretty is our bath. He is in the process of painting the walls with a bluish greyish celedon color from Behr. He also installed a two bar towel rack over the tub and is repairing cracks from settling, loose sheetrock tape and cleaning spider webs (his favorite).