Sunday, November 14, 2010


I added a painting to my Powder Room downstairs by Ann Litrel titled "Three Elms". Ann and I are in an outdoor plein air painting group together. My daughter and I visited Ann in her studio last winter and took some photos of her painting. That is when I saw this painting in that wonderful frame. It is a glicee, in fact...........a reproduction of one of her original oils. (I can't afford the originals!) When we painted this room "Pumpkin Spice" I knew her painting would be perfect. In fact, when I went to her studio I noticed she had painted the entire back wall of her studio this SAME color! The three elms stand on Elm Street in downtown Woodstock. As you drive or walk down Elm Street you have to do a little jog to get around the trees. The new Elm Street Arts Center will be just down the street from these trees. My daughter and I took some photos of the old, dilapidated Elm Street house which is being renovated for the arts center and I remember taking a few of these trees as well. Now I can look at them all the time!

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