Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I painted this figure for an event (a reading from the new children's novel, "The Chocolate Hideaway") we're having at the library tomorrow night. I put it beside the door so I'd remember to take her to work today. When I got up a few minutes ago to take my dog out, it scared the CRAP out of me!!! I thought someone was standing by the door!!!

Kelly and I cut her out of pink foam board that we bought from Home Depot, painted it with black gesso. I thought I wanted just a black profile of a figure, but later decided I wanted to add a little color. I'm glad we did because now you can tell she is holding a lantern.

My kids always told me that my National Velvet doll that is downstairs in the storage closet always freaked them out! They said everytime they open the closet door she scares them. Haha! Now I know what they're talking about. Guess I need to find her a shirt!


Lisa said...

LOL! LOL! You crack me up! That girl you painted is awesome by the way!

Becky said...

The painting is awesome.

I know what you mean by scary dolls in closets. And yeah, that poor nekkid girl needs a shirt!!!